Ingolstadt Gig…”The City”

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 002

Bavarian Hot Fruit and Rum Peddler

Yesterday we traveled to Aahlen it was a travel day. The gig was at midnight and 2 hours from the hotel we copped a ride  from the promoters in a v12 Audi and rented a car to drive back. Fortunately,  we had a GPS system in the car in German that Mic reprogrammed in English and we went for it. It was foggy and very cold, but we made it back and slept until 1:00 pm and he almost missed the soundcheck.

After soundcheck we traveled to Ingoltadt old town and here is what we saw and did.

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 009

Cod with mushroom cheese sauce Seafood counter at the restaurant where we had the cod and fish and chips lunch....Sehr gut!

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 016

Mic with the Cannons at the Bavarian Army Museum

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 017

That's me in front of the doors to the museum it was amazing. They didn't allow pictures inside, so you'll have to come here to see inside.

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 001

Old Town Cobblestone Streets

Ingolstadt 11 8 09 013

The it is the museum




5 responses to “Ingolstadt Gig…”The City”

  1. Mary

    So far – I love everything you have seen………and the food doesn’t sound to bad either……..Keep the pictures coming……….miss you guys tho……have fun…….

  2. Jan Ligon

    Julia… great posts… really enjoying the photos and following the tour. Jan, Atlanta

  3. Matt Martinez

    Very nice, looks like a good time. Love the pictures

  4. "Big" Sid Martinez

    Great pictures! Keep them coming. I appreciate what your doing for all the TOP fans!

  5. "Big" Sid Martinez

    Great pictures! Keep them coming. We appreciate keeping TOP fans what’s happening during their tour in Europe.

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