Hirsch “The Venue”

Hirsh Nurnberg 049

We're here!

Mic and I traveled to Nuremberg via two busses and a train. We spent the day hanging out in Nuremberg “old town” and then took one underground train a bus and a short walk to Hirsch where the band was playing their first gig. Hirsch is located in an industrial section of the city and was rather shocking at first sight. The building is old and funky. The place fits about 750 people completely stuffed. The band rocked. The audience although crowded enjoyed the band, but I’m not sure they understood anything LB said to them. Fortunately, smoking has recently been outlawed in clubs, so the band, crew and me could breath.  We had a lot of fun. They provided a German dinner, which consisted of asparagus soup, potato balls, cabbage, salad, fruit and pork.  Those are not the German names of the foods I listed. The meal was “ok” as far as back stage food goes, but Mic and I have been eating at great restaurants and are spoiled. Here’s “The Venue.”

Hirsh Nurnberg 050

I seem to have reached my downloadable limit here and I suspect they want more Euros. They charge 10.70 euros a day to get online and that is about $14 or $15 America dollars. Our dollar have dropped dramatically. I will have to post more pictures tomorrow. I’m back!

Hirsh Nurnberg 058

First time for Mic back in Germany in over 30 years.

Hirsh Nurnberg 056

The rooms are too small and Tower packs them in nightly apparently the German fire marshalls the day off.


















3 responses to “Hirsch “The Venue”

  1. Megan

    You look soooo cute with your hat on!

    LB looks uber stoked to be there 🙂

    • Jan Ligon, Atlanta

      Julia… just great that you are doing this blog of the Europe tour. I got to chat with Mic backstage a bit at The Keswick in March and he is so warm and personable. I think it’s amazing that a 10-piece band can be in their 42nd year and have 50% original members! Thanks again for doing the blog. Jan

  2. Vickey

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey and pics with us! Wish I were there…..

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