First Gig in Nurnberg (Nuremberg) “The City”

Hirsh Nurnberg 025Nurnberg is almost a 1,000 years old and the streets are made of cobblestone meandering around amazing ancient architecture. The Pegnitz River runs through town.  It’s amazng and surreal. Here’s what it looks like…enjoy.

Hirsh Nurnberg 026

Hirsh Nurnberg 028

Hirsh Nurnberg 031

Hirsh Nurnberg 038

Imperial Castle

Hirsh Nurnberg 027
Hirsh Nurnberg 036


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4 responses to “First Gig in Nurnberg (Nuremberg) “The City”

  1. Megan

    Awesome shots! I can almost smell the Bier!

  2. Mary

    I agree with Meg – great pictures – they don’t have a lot of vehicle traffic – or do they??? I love the old buildings and to think they have been standing for so very many years…….Hows the beer and wine??

  3. Vickey

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip and pictures with us! Wish I was there…..

  4. Beautiful!

    I would have been tempted to find the courthouse, but I’m a history geek. 🙂

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