Breakfast At The Hotel

Every morning there is a buffet breakfast provided at the hotel. It is an eclectic grouping of foods that Americans would likely get confused with. They offer beans, smoked salmon, breads (they love breads), meats (they love meat here too) yogurt, fruit, cheese juices, eggs etc… Here’s what it looks like.

Hirsh Nurnberg 059Hirsh Nurnberg 060Hirsh Nurnberg 064

Hirsh Nurnberg 064                             Germans have no problem filling up their plates numerous times. They love to eat.

                  Hirsh Nurnberg 065



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2 responses to “Breakfast At The Hotel

  1. Megan

    Wait until you see a typical English breakfast…weird stuff…

  2. Patches

    Great Blog!

    I remember those meals. They are probably the reason that they have a schnaps/beer break at 10 and one again at 2.

    Have fun u 2

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