Travel Day and Germany Day 1

The Day started at 3:00 am. The car arrived  at Megan’s home to take us to the Sacramento Airport were we boarded a plane to Washington DC. After landing in DC and a 2 hour wait we boarded a plane to Germany and landed at 7:00 am. FromWashington to Munich was  7 hour flight we traveled over many time zones and we flew into tomorrow. Map on the little screen on the plane

This map is on the back of each chair in the plane. Little blurry…sorry so we’re my eyes at that time.germant 018

On the tour bus from Munich to Ingolstadt,

germant 021Mic and I ate at a great restaurant in Ingolstadt called Herrnbrau. I had wild deer from the “black forest” I think it was a joke and Mic had weinerschnitzel.  I forgot to take a picture of the main courses, but here is the dessert apple stuedel. YUM!

We were out trying to figure out trains and busses today and didn’t get much daylight or hang time after we napped. Tomorrow we are  traveling to Nuremberg by train and will get many pictures. The transit system is great and the food is awesome!!!

Happy Birthday David and Jake!!!!



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5 responses to “Travel Day and Germany Day 1

  1. Matt Martinez

    Very nice, well I pick up on the tour bus picture. Very nice and of course the dessert apple stuedel…. yep YUM YUM. I remember the maps on the back of each chair in the plane, you can get hook on it. I’m glad to hear you both arrived safely have a great time and take lots of pictures.

  2. Megan

    You remember what happened last time you two were cold on tour with T.O.P.?

    I miss you both.
    Good job on the A’s hat dad 🙂

    Love, Meg

  3. Mic

    Hey Meg, I think we made YOU, the last time it was cold and I was on tour with the Tower.

    Matt, I’ve been attempting to speak German using a Spanish/Japanese dialect with a Minnesota accent. They don’t seem to understand me. Go figure. The food is good so far, the company is great. We officially joined the Tower Late Night Social Club last night. Happy Birfday Adolfo!

    • Matt Martinez

      With a Minnesota accent, that must sound pretty interesting. They must not be listening close enough. Have a good one, talk to you soon. Wish Adolfo happy Birthday from me.

  4. Mary

    So far everything sounds great – the dessert looks absolutely yummmy…. my favorite part of the meal…….Mic looks tired in the pic…….Jet Lag gotcha………hope you can get rested from the flight so you can enjoy the rest of the tour……but I imagine its going to be quite hectic keeping up with all of it…….have fun…..hugsssssss, me

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