First Feenix Foody Foto

Back stage at the Celebrity Theatre TOP has dinner…this is the road food folks!!!Roast Turkey (2) Roast Turkey

first feenix foody fotosRocco, Roger and Jake dish up.

Rocco, Roger and Jake serving up (2)

Desserts (2)

Desserts..not for you Mic.fFlat Iron Steaks (2)

Flat Iron Steak..questionable.


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One response to “First Feenix Foody Foto

  1. Howdy Mic, Julie and Megan…

    Thank you for providing this outstanding message blog. Plus, for including a picture of our son Jake at his favorite time of the day besides downbeat. hahahaha

    Jakester and I had a wonderful day and evening here in our hometown working together for Rocco’s night at the KeyClub last weekend. How many dads are lucky enough like Mic and me to be able to share the music we love so much with our kids and that has been such a large part in all our lives?

    I semi-retired from touring as a roadie/tech/road manager in 1973 when Jake was born so I wouldn’t be a part-time Pops. Sound familiar? I stayed close to home here and mainly worked studio recording with my long time friend Jerry Yester and Thorne Nogar at the old RCA.Annex Studios and regional stages within a days drive. Then, after (25 years) Jake headed off to college and playing minor league baseball I was back out roading it with young bands out of L.A. here, more as a mentor to them than a manager. I also still work with some acts from the old days when my energy level allows me to do the job justice. I do love traveling.

    And now … lo-and-behold Jake’s touring with my favorite bumping and bubbling R&B Funksters ever. My other favorite Roc (rip)k/R&B/Funk band from that same period that I toured with was Luther Rabb (rip) and Ronnie Hammond’s Ballin’ Jack.

    I will be returning often to this site, especially for the recipes and food info. Fortunately, both Jake’s mother and I have maintained our health through proper diet and maintaining a physically active regimen over the past 40 years we’ve been together. Fresh foods grown here at home and/or from local growers if at all possible and moderation has been the key. I still weigh exactly what I weighed when I graduated high school in ’65. Six-two and 165 pounds.

    I’m sure we’ll see you at Nokio with AWB in December(?). You folks have a safe and wonderful trip to Europe and make sure you stay warm and dry in Germany. And thank Megan for posting your link at the TOP message board.

    “Larry the Duck” Loveridge / and Donna
    North Hollywood CA


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