American Idiot great show!

The show was thought provoking and entertaining. The live band extremely talented and the ensemble well choreographed and the voicings reminiscent of the Beatles. Great family outing.

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2 responses to “American Idiot great show!

  1. Mic

    I was very impressed. We had the best seats in the house, 6th row, dead center. The production was topnotch, the performances were strong and well handled. Kudos to the young lady musical director onstage. The chorus was on the money and the vocal arrangements were as good as it gets. Amazing show. I would love to see it again.

  2. Megan

    Okay let me start off with this…
    I have been a devoted Green Day fan since 1995. I remember my parents bought me my first cassette in 5th grade and they asked me, “So, what exactly does ‘Green Day’ mean?” I’m pretty sure they knew the answer to that question and were wondering if I knew. From that point on we all listened to Green Day as a family, especially after we saw them live for the first time at the Bridge School Benefit. They were hilarious, talented and Billie Joe can work a crowd like no one’s business.
    Their songs have been the soundtrack to my life since that year.
    I can’t even count the amount of softball games they made me feel like a bad ass in. No joke, I would walk out into my pitchers circle with some chunky three chorded guitar and slammin’ drums going off in my head. ‘Brain Stew’ was my ‘Wild Thing’.
    Now, almost 15 years later they still provide the soundtrack to my life. I’ve grown up with the boys. When the punk clubs and “hardcore Berkeley punk fans” told them to F*** off, I was there rooting them on. To those people the worst thing that Green Day ever could have done was sell out. Damn right they sold out, they sold out concerts and now they’re selling out theater performances. However, they never sold out who they were and are.
    This production that I went to see with my parents was inspiring. I have to say, I was a little concerned with the translation from the band to “theatrical performance”, it was nothing less then amazing. The ensemble was spot on, the band didn’t miss a beat and the story line was emotional and touched on so many things. What was cool is that it could transcend through a myriad of generations. Anyone who has gone through the “I don’t know what to do with my life..” or knowing people who have gone into a war with a good chance of not coming back, or thinking that everyone else in the world has done so much better for themselves then you have.
    One of the coolest things about this show was the fact that I shared it with my parents, the people who first started with me on my Green Day journey. Now, in a couple of weeks I get to share it with my husband and stepdaughter. Yep, I loved it so much that I’m going to see it again!!
    In closing… I am not much of a theater person, I’ve only been to maybe 1 or 2 shows, but this show has opened up my eyes to a world of theater I didn’t know existed. I give this two VERY enthusiastic thumbs up and cannot wait to go again.

    Thanks mom and dad.

    I love you.

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