The Beach House – Kauai

Honey Moon and 25th Birthday Dinner
Honeymoon and 25th Birthday Dinner
With a Soy Wasabi Vinaigrette

With a Soy Wasabi Vinaigrette

Hawaiian Chocolate Haupia Cake

Molton Chocolate Desire and Hawaiian Chocolate Haupia Cake

The Beach House Restaurant
5022 Lawai Rd
Koloa, HI 96756
(808) 742-1424 – phone
The Beach House is located along the south shore of Kauai. The setting is amazing. The restaurant has large glass doors that they open, so you can feel the warm ocean breezes and watch the sunset. Chef Todd Barret does a fine job with Hawaiian classics adding funky twists. It’s expensive, but excellent. Mic and I had dinner on our awesome trip there in June 2008. Megan and John celebrated their honeymoon and Meg’s 25th birthday in Kauai and they also enjoyed a meal at the Beach House. The  photos above were taken by Meg. The restaurant is superb and we’ re anxiously awaiting our next trip back to Kauai.  I suggest you go right now!!!!



2 responses to “The Beach House – Kauai

  1. Mary

    A beautiful setting for two beautiful people with beautiful food……what could be more beautiful….
    and if I could get my beautful person to fly – I would love to see and enjoy it all myself……….I’m afraid that won’t happen so I will enjoy it through your beautiful eyes……..Thanks

  2. The Beach House rocks. We’ve were there some years ago and it was awesome!

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