“I Want to Live” By Mic Gillette

Moon Setting by Robert Butcher

Moon Setting by Robert Butcher

In 2001, about a month before the infamous 9/11, I had a major heart attack, a partially inherited heart disease and too many years of culinary abuse. I was real picky about what I ate, I just picked the wrong stuff to eat. Fortunately, after the obligatory and well deserved “I Told You So’s”, I began the retraining that has not only clearly saved my life, I am strong enough and able to rejoin the hardest working horn band in the world, playing the toughest trumpet book I’ve ever seen, plus singing and dancing! We learn lots of life-lessons as we travel our own paths, and it’s really a shame that youth is wasted on the young. My girl, Julia has proven to me that I can continue to be a vital part of just about anything I do, as long as I pay close attention to what I feed my body, heart and soul. I just wanted to thank her publicly and give credit where it’s due. If you’re sick of me, I’ve got bad news for you. I’ll be here for a while, doing what I do. – Mic



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16 responses to ““I Want to Live” By Mic Gillette

  1. It’s funny how it takes something bad to happen to us before we stand up and pay attention. I didn’t have something as major as a Heart Attack but never the less a scare. I too, thank my wife, Betsy for insisting that I get checked out. I’m glad I did, and I too will be here for a while.

  2. I’m just grateful that you two guys have wonderful women looking out for you. I look forward to hearing you guys play for a long time to come. Good job Julia and Betsy, thanks for keeping the music alive.

  3. Megan

    Very well written.
    I’m lucky to have such soulful parents.

    I love you guys.

  4. Mary

    Behind every successful man is a woman with a heart full of love and a driving force to keep her family healthy and safe from harm……..What more could you ask for………You guys are the best……

  5. God wasn’t even close to being done using that heart of gold for the good of all who has, and will be lucky enough to encounter you in the future.

  6. Powerful story Mic. We are very grateful that you are still going strong, and very blessed by your wonderful friendship. All the best – Josh & family

  7. I had a small one in 1987, and it changed my whole world view. Now every day is a gift. Glad to see you’ve also made your life something more special. Especially glad to know that your family is alert enough to know what to do!

  8. Mic

    Thanx for sharing the music, my friends, and for the kind words. Here we go again! Come back alot and chime in. There will be some great “Foody” stuff and traveling Tower stuff. We’re off to northern Europe for most of November.

  9. Adolfo

    I’m glad I read that. Every little reminder that makes me rember that I need to watch my health FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE helps. You’re lucky to be alive, Mic. I’m glad your here.

  10. Thanks for sticking it out and fighting back, Mic – I know one amazing young trumpet player who owes a big part of his love of playing and screaming lead chops to the fact that you came back from the heart attack – and that you decided to leave the road for awhile and give back to kids – whether yours or others’.

    The world’s a better place with you “here awhile”.

  11. Chris Tootle

    Thank you for being so inspirational in so many ways. Have a great time in EU. I’m SO jealous!

    You are clearly an angel to Mic. He obviously adores you.

    My parents are way cool too. How did we get so lucky?

    I thank God every day for good people – like Rich Ayres wrote – with hearts of gold like you!

    Take Care!

  12. Eric

    Susan and I wish you and your family many more years of health and happiness. I love that you work with kids to give them a little of the TOP music. As one of my favorite songs is titled…Your Still a Young Man. Have a great time in Europe.

  13. Barbara

    You have given so much pleasure to my family as well as yours. God does interesting things to get your attention. Listen to him, it really works. Julie is one of his angels and you are one of mine.

  14. Mic and I go way back to 1978. We became good friends, and as a fellow trumpet player he changed my playing life and taught me so much! I am very grateful he gave me a chance. Sitting in was one of the high points in my life. I am so glad Mic is very much with us, and able to keep sharing his wisdom, his smile, and that wonderful crazy sense of humor! Keep on keepin’ on my brother, I can’t wait to hear you and band knock down the walls.


  15. Glad to hear things are going good with TOP. Thanks again for your amazing work on Jacob’s record. I look forward to hangin with you again soon. Safe travels.

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