Richie Hayward from Little Feat

Drawing by Megan McCarthy-Gillette

Drawing by Megan McCarthy-Gillette

My old and dear friend, Richie Hayward, world-renowned drummer for Little Feat has a severe medical condition that is life threatening and he needs our help. Please read here about his plight and follow your heart. He might be the greatest rock drummer of all time, but he has no health insurance, as do many musicians. Thanx – Mic Gillette

Richie Hayward, Co-founder of Little Feat (along with Bill Payne and the late Lowell George), is suffering from severe liver disease, and could use your help and good wishes.

Little Feat has fans spanning across the world. What better way than spearheading a Global Effort to assist Richie with some fundraising efforts to help defray what will surely be extensive medical costs for his prompt treatment.

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2 responses to “Richie Hayward from Little Feat

  1. Rob Lewine


    I, too, am an old friend of Richie’s. In fact I was in Little Feat in 1969 — Richie brought me on board. It was Richie, Lowell, Bill Payne and me, and then I left to join another band (such was the state of my judgement at age 24). Roy Estrada was my replacement, and the rest is history.
    I know about Richie’s cancer, and I’d like to send a donation and also a note. The ChipIn site on the web doesn’t seem to be working well, but also I haven’t spoken with Richie since long before he left California and would like him to know I’m thinking about him. (I’m a cancer survivor as well.) If you can, will you provide me an email address for Richie so I can check in and wish him well? If you like you can call me at 323 654-0830 (L.A.).
    Rob Lewine

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