Greetings… Now let’s start the adventure. A little history will  help to make this narrative, and the name I have chosen make more sense.

Food is life.  As a child my humble beginnings as a chef began with an Easy Bake Oven. My Mom even had to buy more boxes of cakes and goodies,  I stayed busy creating, and mastered  light bulb cooking  

I was allowed to cook on the “big stove” with supervision at about 7 years old. I was impatient and wanted to cook by myself, but my sister who later became a chef at Le Virage in Walnut Creek, kept me on a tight chain during my training . It was maybe a year later I was cooking wild duck stuffed with apple and onion and baking cakes and cookies from scratch.

My Father was an avid hunter, so most of our meals included wild game.  We ate mainly home cooked foods. My Father cooked mainly mediterranean dishes  and my Mother cooked simple healthy dishes that she could make in about a 1/2 hour when she got home from work.

We will now take a leap to a big awakening in 2001. Mic suffered a massive heart attack, which almost killed him. It was NOT my cooking that caused it.   I decided to read everything about nutrition available. I was finishing up my masters in Environmental Science and started linking everything to nutrition. 

It was alarming the garbage that was allowed in and on our foods.  I was reading about pesticides and herbicides in graduate school and then hydrogenated oils, preservatives and genetically engineered foods through additional research.  Shopping required diligence and a lot of reading and knowing what to look for.

So, there are some cerebral aspects of food and cooking, but also important is the passion and love that comes from cooking good food for people you care about. Next comes what I consider also important to achieving culinary satisfaction a passion for music, cultures and love. 

That’s it. Now that I will be traveling with Mic to awesome places I decided to merge food, music and travels into one narrative. There will be pictures and videos of the shows (assuming I can figure out my new iPhone 3G ) , recipes and hopefully interesting traveling stuff. Check out the Tower of Power website to see the countries and cities we will be visiting.  I think this will be a fun adventure.


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  1. Mary

    This is totally awesome – I envy both of you…….Hold true to your dreams and your passion and the world will be yours…………I can hardly wait to read more………

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